About Spring Harvest

Life Changing Events and Resources

Spring Harvest brings the whole church together to worship, learn and share life as we encounter God.

We're passionate about creating events and resources that make space for God to do his awe-inspiring work in and through all of us.

We are active all year round, locally and nationally, physically and digitally. We’re best known for our brilliant Easter holidays, hosted at the fantastic Butlin's resorts.

· We aim to make space for everyone to encounter God.
· We work to inspire and equip Christians to grow confident in their faith.
· We believe in the power of God to transform lives and communities.

For the whole church

We’re all made in God’s image so we serve God’s big family at all stages of faith and from all networks and denominations. We welcome everyone to enjoy our events and resources, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

We want to make Spring Harvest as accessible as possible to make sure people with disabilities and additional needs can properly take part in our activities.

We are especially passionate about helping children and young people grow in discipleship and be inspired to change the world.

Rooted and Reaching

We seek to be a thinking community, rigorous in our study of the Bible.

We are committed to the work of the Holy Spirit, inhabiting our worship of all kinds.

We are active in prayer, believing it makes a difference.

We encourage all believers to join in God’s mission, sharing the good news of Jesus with words, works and wonders.

We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith and the Lausanne Covenant.


The Spring Harvest blog draws together friends and experts on all
kinds of topics surrounding faith, church and general life.

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Keep up to date with the latest from Spring Harvest as well as
other exciting news for you and your church.

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