An update on the Spring Harvest appeal

Dear Friends and Spring Harvest family,

THANK YOU! We have been amazed and humbled by the generosity of the Spring Harvest family in response to our appeal for £1.5 million to help make up the shortfall of income caused by cancelling Spring Harvest 2020. As I write, we have passed the £1.35 million mark and continue to see more gifts come in daily!

Some of you have asked about how the minimum figure of £1.5 million is made up. In brief, we could not have cancelled the event at a worse time because most of our event costs are incurred in advance. Trucks with tents and equipment had already been loaded, resources had been created, safe-guarding and DBS checks processed and over a year’s work by the head office team was coming to fruition. This was the reason for such a damaging hole in our finances.

In common with many other events, we have found that our business interruption insurance does not cover us for these highly exceptional circumstances. We continue to work with specialist advisers to pursue income and cost savings of every kind. Indeed, as I write, over half of the entire Essential Christian team is now furloughed.

We have been working with major partners to reduce our costs and seek financial support: many of our suppliers and partners have generously reduced or cancelled their charges. For example, the Harrogate International Centre, now in use as a Nightingale hospital, has refunded 100% of our booking fees and transferred the deposit to next year. We have received large individual donations and grants totalling over £575,000. The result of all these measures is that we are nearing our target – but not over the line yet.

Our thanks are due not only to the many generous people who have made donations in recent days but also to the wider Spring Harvest team, almost all of them working as volunteers who have gifted an enormous amount of time during these past weeks. Many of them have pulled together to create, support and broadcast Spring Harvest Home at just a couple of weeks’ notice.

I also want to pay tribute to the amazing head office team. Many have given of time sacrificially, some of them literally working through the night, to deliver Spring Harvest Home. This has generated more interest than we could ever have dreamed of and has delivered the Unleashed theme into tens of thousands of locked-down homes. No-one knew that Gavin and Anne Calver’s vision of “The Acts Church Today” would reach so wide and so creatively.

There have already been over 1.2 million views of the videos on YouTube.  We are hearing testimonies of salvation, healing and restoration. People around the world and especially here in the UK have encountered God, been inspired by His word and Spirit and are now witnessing transformation in homes and communities where they live. Praise God! This success has encouraged us to keep as much as possible available on the Spring Harvest YouTube channel so you can still visit it at least until the end of May. We are adding new material regularly. This is our gift to the Church right now.

So on behalf of the team and the Essential Christian board, thank you for standing with us in prayer and financially. If you have not yet made a donation, do please consider helping to make up the shortfall and please keep praying. There is still much work for us to do and we look forward to being able to report in the days to come that we have surpassed our goal of raising the minimum of £1.5 million needed to keep us going.

With a grateful heart,

Peter Martin
Group Chief Executive Officer
Essential Christian

If you would like to donate, you can support us here. We are so grateful for any help, thank you.