Five Apps That Help Grow Our Faith

Technology is already deeply embedded in our lives, but when we were thrusted into a new world back in March, we turned to new ways to stay connected. The pandemic changed the way we live out our faith, making it harder to build community and separated us from our friends.

Now we’ve entered a second lockdown, it can really help to discover how technology can help us to continue to gather, stay in tune with each other and with God.

Here are five apps to check out that can help boost our faith, make time for God and connect with others:

Community – Zoom

Let’s start with an obvious one. Along with Joe Wicks and face masks, Zoom has become an icon of 2020. As we’re unable to meet as gathered congregations until 2nd December at the earliest, let’s continue to use technology to keep us connected. Whether it’s Alpha, prayer breakfasts, Sunday services or youth group, coming together can give us encouragement and strength. Meeting virtually can never replace embodied worship and services, but in these challenging times let’s stay together as much as we can.


Prayer – Lectio 365

Phones can often be a distraction from prayer, but LECTIO 365 is a brilliant app that gives a daily devotional, helping you to “pray the Bible every day”. It’s a unique combination of scripture, reflection and space to pray through the messages you read. Created by 24-7 Prayer, the app is based on Lectio Divina, a way of meditating on the Bible that’s been used by Christians for centuries. Definitely worth trying out, particularly if you sometimes struggle to carve out time in your day.

Lectio 365

Scripture – Read Scripture

If you’ve previously struggled to stick to reading plans, try Read Scripture. It’s created by The Bible Project, who have created insightful illustrated videos unpacking different books of the Bible. The breakdown of chapters and books in the app is designed to give you a holistic view of the Biblical narrative, keeping Jesus at the centre.

Read Scripture

Reflection – Glorify

Structure your daily worship and get into good habits with curated Bible passages, guided meditation and space to pray and reflect. Glorify provides everything you need in one place; it’s a Bible app, has guided meditations, reflections and much more. Using this period of lockdown to set good rhythms will help us in an increasingly busy world. Any tool that encourages us to lift our eyes to God is so valuable.


Devotionals – YouVersion

The original Bible app has expanded over the years to include a whole range of devotionals and plans. There’s relevant scripture and messages on themes including relationships, business, purpose, anxiety, prayer and forgiveness. Most are short and sweet and can be completed in a few days. So whether you’re looking for something in particular, or just want to browse their library, take a look at the app today.


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