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Over ten years ago, Benjamin Coombs and Matt Kenyon met at Spring Harvest, Minehead. They exchanged email addresses and have kept in touch ever since, managing to end up at the same week each year. After an encounter with a worship leader, Benjamin and Matt set up One Body Youth, an online Bible study group led by young Christians, for young Christians. In Matt’s words:

“One year, during the evening reflection, a worship leader approached us and told us that she had a vision of the two of us being leaders of our own generation. Having been close friends for many years, we believed that this was our opportunity and calling to engage with young Christians nationally. As such, we came up with the idea of an online Bible study several months ago, now named One Body Youth. Young Christians can meet virtually to read and study God’s word as an online community, without the confines of geographical barriers. During the first lockdown, One Body Youth has grown to see young people from all over the country meet together weekly.”

One Body Youth welcomes people aged 13-21 and is a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet other young and likeminded Christians. Currently, the group are exploring the gospel of Luke and meet every Sunday evening for Bible study via Zoom. The session starts with some time to get to know one another and welcome new members as their numbers are continuously growing. Topical questions are sent out midweek, which sparks initial discussions and continues with a Bible reading which the group studies openly together. After the initial wider conversation, the team encourages people to break into smaller groups to discuss their thoughts in more depth before joining together again and closing in prayer.

After the success of the weekly Sunday Bible study session, One Body Youth have recently started Wednesday prayer evenings which people are also welcome to drop into.

With Churches yet to open due to lockdown rules, this online Christian community created by One Body Youth, couldn't be more important for young people. In an interview with Premier, Matt says:

"At the start of lockdown, there was nothing being offered by my church in regards to youth groups or keeping us all connected. I felt that really at a time like this, it was essential to have unity amongst young people but also young Christians so that we could connect, come together and read God's word."

Listen to the full interview with Premier here.

If you are interested in joining One Body Youth or would like to know more, you can contact the team via one of the methods below.

Follow One Body Youth on Instagram @onebodyyouth
Email the team at [email protected]
Visit the One Body Youth website below.

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