Rev Matt Timms sets up Britain’s first drive-in church

One of our staff meetings in July looked a little different. We were joined by Rev. Matt Timms of Wave House church in Newquay. It was humbling for us all to hear that Matt credits Spring Harvest as being the pivotal moment in his life where he found Jesus, after attending the event in Prestatyn in 1984 with his family. He spoke to us passionately about the impact Spring Harvest has had on his life, and sees this as the reason for why he is working in ministry today.

Drive-In Church

Now the minister at Wave House church in Newquay, Matt has been named in the media as “The Surfing Vicar” and in recent weeks has hit national news headlines after organising Britain’s first drive-in church. You can watch his interview with Sky News to hear more of the story here.

The idea for the outdoor service was a way to get around the Government ban on church services after they were deemed non-essential during lockdown. Speaking to us about the impact it had on his congregation, Matt said “Everyone was just elated to have the opportunity to be out together again after months of not being able to see people”.

Matt shared some thought-provoking ideas with us all about how we can change and adapt the way we worship in these uncertain times. He said “It’s time to take the Church outside and get creative with how we meet to worship God.” His hope is that his idea will act as a catalyst to inspire other churches to come up with exciting ways to serve their community.

We were all really inspired by what Matt shared with us as a staff team and amazed by the ripple effect that Spring Harvest is having as a result of one life won for Jesus at the event in Prestatyn back in 1984.

Wave House

Matt also spoke to us about his church Wave House, a missional community with four distinct projects which seek to share the love of Jesus in Newquay and beyond:

Wave House – the church itself where they meet on a Sunday for worship, live music, activities and much more.

Fire House – a 24-7 place of prayer and encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Store House – a community hub in the centre of Newquay providing a number of crucial services including well being and mental health resources, meals and general community care.

Turnaround House – a transformational housing project providing support for otherwise homeless young people.

To find out more about Rev. Matt Timms and his unique ministry, please visit the website links above.

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