Bring your youth group

Youth Group

At Spring Harvest, we’re committed to seeing your young people fired up for God and having a great holiday at the same time!
Our engaging programmes, led by gifted youth leaders, will build up the faith of your young people and help them encounter a life-changing God.

We’ll challenge, stretch and excite your young people in their faith, leaving you valuable time (and energy!) to spend with your young people, helping them grow, discussing what issues are cropping up, and having fun along the way.


Here are 10 great reasons why you should bring your youth group to Spring Harvest:
1. Meet other young Christians from all over the UK and beyond, reminding yours that they’re not alone in following Jesus.

2. Hear great teaching from top speakers who are gifted in talking to young people and do it in fun and relevant ways.

3. See great role models who will inspire them to keep pursuing God, even through the tough times.

4. Opportunities to make decisions. Every year we see so many young people decide to follow Jesus, get filled with the Spirit or deal with an issue for the first time. Spring Harvest gives them the space for God to move and for them to respond.

5. Learn in small groups. Our interactive small groups and seminars allow young people to learn new things, get advice and have their say.

6. Have fun with leisure facilities on the resort – swimming, bowling, cinema, fun fair and an organised sports programme to use up that competitive energy!

7. Let their hair down with our late-night entertainment – free concerts, comedy and late-night youth venue.

8. Relax in comfy accommodation and hassle free catering– your own toilet, shower and telly, and if you book half board fill up at our eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet for breakfast and dinner!

9. A line in the sand – Spring Harvest is a unique experience that will stay in their minds; a milestone that they can look back on when things are tough.

10. They will see you fired up for God – Kenda Creasy Dean says that one of the main reasons teenagers leave the church is that they see a lukewarm faith in their parents and youth workers. One of the best things you can do is come to Spring Harvest – get fired up and refreshed yourself and let your young people see it.