Bring your youth group to Harrogate

Spring Harvest in Harrogate is a new and exciting adventure which opens up many new opportunities for bringing your youth group.

You may have heard the rumour that we are offering indoor camping……..which we are delighted to confirm is true! Because the Harrogate Convention Centre is so large, we are turning one of the halls into a camping zone. All the fun of camping without the cold, damp, wet, bug-filled delights you would normally associate with this!

Here’s how it works –

Book your group in

Book yourself and your young people in to the event through our youth group booking site.
We’ll ask you for names and dates of birth. Those aged under 14 pay slightly less than those aged 14-18. Each person coming needs an event ticket. These tickets are for the event itself, and do not include accommodation.
You can set up a group so that additional people can be added later and you can take advantage of our group booking offer if you have enough people. Visit for more details.

Book your camping pitches

As you go through the booking site, you will be asked if you are interested in camping. If you are, tick the box and you will be taken to the camping booking page. (If not, lots of other accommodation options are available)
We’ve set up 3 pitch sizes which, according to our research, should fit a fairly average size 2, 4 or 6 berth tent. You will need to check the actual size of the tents you are bringing though, as tents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we can’t accept responsibility for any tents that don’t fit in the space they are booked for.

– A small pitch is 2.5m x 4m and costs £100 for the 4 nights

– A medium pitch is 6m x 4m and costs £225

– A large pitch is 7.5m x 6m and costs £375

You will need to work out how many pitches you need and of what size. You pay for the pitch, not the number of people, so if you can fit 2 tents on one pitch and it works out cheaper than 2 smaller pitches – go for it! Just make sure you measure carefully and think about space needed between the 2 tents!

A 50% deposit is needed for the camping pitches at time of booking, and a 20% deposit is needed for the actual event tickets.

Young people’s tents must be boy or girl and there is a noise curfew – be warned! Full T&Cs for camping can be seen here and you must read these carefully! There is lots of helpful info in there and things you NEED to know before you rock up.


For safety reasons, there can’t be any stoves or cooking in the camping hall. However, hot water will be provided free of charge. You can bring cold food and for those of you bringing cool bags, we will provide a freezer for you to re-freeze your ice packs. There will be catering outlets in the centre, so you can buy all your meals there (including breakfast) if you wish, and there are numerous restaurants in Harrogate itself, along with supermarkets for supply replenishment!


As you would expect at Spring Harvest, there will be 2 youth programmes, one aimed at those aged 11-14, and one aimed at 15-18s. There will be times of joint worship, and times of separate teaching. The programmes will be run by our amazing youth teams, who will be fired up and ready to help all the young people take the next step on their faith journey.  We’ll be working really hard to provide lots of fun stuff to do when the programmes aren’t running, and places to just hang out and chat.

Harrogate itself has lots of stuff going on – you could organise all kinds of fun activities if you wanted – treks over the dales, clambering all over Brimham Rocks, a spot of Zorbing at Ripley Castle……….or you could just let them laze around on the Stray or at Valley Gardens, or hang out in the Convention Centre and see what God does!

We look forward to seeing you there

If you have any queries about camping with your youth group, please contact Steph Osborn on 01825 746528.