Exhibiting at Spring Harvest 2021

Exhibition packages for 2021

We are so excited to be back, but as you will be expecting, our exhibition spaces will be different in 2021. This is to ensure that we comply with regulations and for the safety and well-being of everyone on each site. Below are some of the changes we are implementing to ensure that we can plan safe exhibition spaces.

Pre-determined stand size availability

This will enable us to leave a one-meter gap between each exhibition stand. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate requests for wider or deeper stands.

2m x 2m

3m x 2m

4m x 2m

5m x 2m

6m x 2m

Minehead (each break)












Exhibition Team

To comply with safety advice, we need to cap the number of exhibition team/event passes dependent on the size of stand booked for 2021:

2m x 2m stands – maximum of 2 event passes

3m x 2m stands – maximum of 3 event passes

4m, 5m and 6m stands – maximum of 4 event passes

Wider Aisles

Minehead (The Hub): all aisles will be a minimum of three meters in width.

Skegness (Skyline): only one side of the aisles will be used.

One-Way System

Wherever possible there will be a clearly marked one-way system including designated entrance and exits with hand sanitisers.


The wearing of facemasks will be mandatory for exhibitors and guests.


These will not be permitted. We will be encouraging the use of electronic devices to share information/obtain contact details. It will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure screens are sanitised between use.

Schedule of Arrival and Departure

To avoid congestion and maintain social distancing during these busy times, we will allocate each organisation an arrival and departure time. This will be communicated two weeks prior to the Spring Harvest event.

Please do read the updated Spring Harvest 2021 Exhibition Terms and Conditions before booking to ensure you are fully aware and able to comply with these changes and others including opening times and venue usage.

Accommodation for 2021

Exhibitors are entitled to 50% contribution towards the cost of one unit, per organisation, per break. Although exhibitors are permitted to stay ‘off resort’ Butlin’s would prefer everyone involved to be ‘on-resort’. In offering the 50% contribution, it will make this option more affordable. Any organisations opting to stay ‘off-resort’ will not have access to the Butlin’s App which all guests will be using to book into the programme sessions and venues. This does not mean that you cannot engage with the programme but booking via the App will have priority, and entrance permitted if numbers allow.

Exhibition Costs

These costs are subject to VAT and do not include power.

Single break

2 breaks (either split between MH and SK, or both MH)

Both MH breaks and Skegness

2m x 2m




2m x 3m




2m x 4m




2m x 5m




2m x 6m




These costs entitle your organisation to:

  • Event passes for your exhibition team (as above)
  • 50% contribution towards ‘on resort’ accommodation
  • Inclusion in the Delegate App (logo and profile)
  • Chalet TV, either a 60 second video or a static advert
  • Extended opening times to maximise the dual use of the exhibition venues
  • Registered charity discounts available

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you to Spring Harvest 2021 in a safe, secure environment.

Please note: the deadline for booking is 12 February.

Virtual Exhibitions

Details to be released in January - watch this space!

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