First timers tips

First Timers Tips

We asked our Facebookers and Tweeters if they could give one piece of advice to a Spring Harvest first timer, what would it be? We got a massive response with loads of great tips – here are our top 5! Join in the conversation over on Facebook.

5. Make new friends
One of the great things about Spring Harvest is the atmosphere. Everyone is there for the same reason; to spend time worshipping our living God, growing in relationship with him, and taking time out from their regular day-to-day lives. It’s not often that you find yourself surrounded by people so relaxed, open and with the time to talk, so make the most of it! Bring some extra mugs from home so you can invite people in for a cuppa – it’s a great chance to learn from each other and share new experiences.

4. Hug a steward
Our stewarding team is amazing, and made up entirely of volunteers! In fact most of our team on site are volunteers, they give up their time, often taking holiday from their jobs, to come and make Spring Harvest so special for all our guests. While they might not all appreciate the hug that was suggested on our Facebook page, a smile always goes a long way!

3. Bring a set of wheels for your kids
While Spring Harvest all takes place within the Butlin’s site, you can find yourself doing a fair bit of walking if you’re moving around from venue to venue throughout the day. Some of our Facebookers have had the great idea of bringing their child’s scooter, bike or skateboard with them – this suggestion was made as a “must do” several times! Who knows… it might even come in useful when you need to make a quick dash to the shop! (Please take care around other guests, and remind your children that the inside the Skyline is a scooter-free zone.)

2. Make it your own and be open
You can encounter God everywhere, but there is something special when the church unites with one aim of praising and seeking Him. Many of you over on Facebook said to come expecting to encounter God. Pray before you arrive, ask God to speak to you, and be open to how that happens. Loads of you also said it was important to make the event your own, not to worry what others that you came with are doing, but to find the sessions that suit you, relax and be yourself.

1. Don’t do it all!
The most common response by far was to pace yourself. One of the best things about Spring Harvest is that there is so much going on, there really is something for everyone! There are deep theological sessions, practical hands-on workshops, political engagement seminars, parenting courses, inspiring stories, a number of worship leaders worshipping in different styles in different venues, bowling, a cinema, a swimming pool, a varied After-hours programme and loads more! The temptation is to do it all, but the overwhelming message coming from our Facebook fans was to allow space for yourself. Schedule in some quiet time, leave room to process what you’ve been hearing and experiencing, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy the break.
All the sessions are recorded and can be purchased from the Spring Harvest stand, so you can take home anything you didn’t make it to and listen at home!

Are you coming to Spring Harvest for the first time? We’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to!