Fish for Answers

Your last chance to join the ‘Fish for Answers’ pub quiz, Wednesday 29th July at 7:30pm on the Spring Harvest YouTube channel!

The ‘Fish for Answers’ pub quiz hosted by Joe Fisher, has been a firm favourite with many during lockdown. Ahead of the last quiz tomorrow night, we caught up with Joe to reflect on the past few months.

“As soon as my actual pub quiz nights had been cancelled and lockdown began, I wanted to do a quiz online. My initial plan was to set up a Zoom quiz, but I realised that I could host it on Facebook Live or YouTube which would have a much wider reach. I’m fortunate enough that my son Sam is a sound engineer and techie, so he was able to set up lighting and a green screen in the shed! Yes, we use the garden shed, it’s become our studio.

When we began at the end of March, our plan was to host a quiz for 4 weeks and then to see where we were. 17 weeks later and we are still going, with the plan to finish at the end of July and maybe start again via Zoom in August. Half way through this stint, Spring Harvest asked if they could become part of it and we started re-streaming on the Spring Harvest YouTube channel.

The whole thing has been a learning curve for Sam and I, as well as a chance to grow and develop new skills. We blagged it for the first few weeks and Sam was happy just to sit behind the scenes and twiddle the buttons; but by week 4, he had set up his own mic and camera and was starting to join in. Then we introduced the live music rounds, with Sam playing the songs on various random instruments including Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar, and even a Melodica (I don’t know what that is either). His involvement grew and so did his confidence, to the point where we now have a dedicated round called ‘Sam’s Super-Geek Round’ to score bonus points. At the end of each round, if you’ve got full marks you get a ding-a-ling from Sam’s triangle, which seems to get crazier every week as he finds random things to ring the triangle with, yes he’s even used secateurs.

The response has been phenomenal with hundreds of people joining us each week to take part in the quiz, whilst on Zoom and FaceTime with their families and friends to make up their teams. We’ve had thousands of engagements over the weeks with incredible comments including:

“Hi Joe, just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your son for bringing my family and my mum and dad together for a laugh every Wednesday for the last few months. In the darkest weeks you’ve lifted all of our spirits and got us all laughing and talking together via teams as we watched your quiz. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”


“It’s allowed me to see my son and grandchildren every week and my daughters family. I was shielding without a garden and didn’t get to see anyone for 13 weeks. The quiz was a highlight that kept me going and enabled me to feel part of something. So thanks Joe and your family for all your hard work.”

What started as something simple just to offer online and to keep myself occupied during lockdown, has become a real service of entertainment, and I couldn’t be happier with that.”

Do join us for the last quiz, Wednesday night at 7:30pm on the Spring Harvest YouTube channel.