14 - 18 April


As you go through the booking site, you will have an opportunity to book camping pitches.

There’s a choice of 4 pitch sizes and the good news is that you pay for the pitch, not the number of people! Just decide how many people are camping and work out how best to fit them all in for the lowest price – but remember to leave enough space between tents to get in and out!

Small pitch (2.5m x 4m) £40

Medium pitch (5m x 4m) £60

Large pitch (7.5m x 4m) £80

Extra large pitch (8m x 5m) £100

These should fit a fairly average sized 2, 4, 6 or 8 berth tent respectively but it’s up to you to check the actual size of the tents you are bringing, as we can’t accept responsibility for any tents that don’t fit the space they are booked for.

If you can’t borrow one, you can buy a 2 person tent for about £25. Most will stay up by themselves – they don’t need weights to keep them up. The floors are concrete so tent pegs can’t be used. Please make sure your tents can stand on their own without them, or bring an alternative means to secure your guy ropes (weights, sandbags, large bottles of value cola…).

Be as creative as you like, tents are not mandatory, you can make your own den/shelter/somewhere for privacy and sleeping! Fairy lights can be used if they have LED bulbs and are battery powered.

The hall has permanent toilets and, for the duration of the event, there will be supplementary shower facilities available.


For safety reasons, you can’t bring any stoves or cook in the camping hall. However, there will be microwaves and a toaster, hot water will be provided free of charge and there are several supermarkets nearby for replenishments!

You can store cold food in a cool bag or box and there will be a freezer for ice packs. There will be catering outlets at the venue, so you could survive without going out of the building, but there are lots of restaurants in Harrogate itself, including Wetherspoon’s and McDonald’s just a few minutes away.

For ideas on creating meals just using hot water, and a sample menu for 4 people, click here.


* Young people’s tents/dens must be for boys or girls, not mixed, and be warned there is a noise curfew! Camping is open to all guests, so please be considerate. Click here for full T’s &C’s for camping – please do read these carefully! There is lots of helpful info in there and things you will need to know before you rock up.

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