New Look Spring Harvest!

At the top of this web page and on all SH2018 material and correspondence you’ll see a new logo. It’s not a drastic change, but there’s one significant addition that helps us better explain who we are and what we do. If you were at Spring Harvest 2017 you’ll already be very familiar with the new look, but if not allow us to introduce Essential Christian…

The team that delivers Spring Harvest also resources the church with an online store, holidays, books, music and professional services. We are Essential Christian.

Essential Christian is the charity brand name that draws together our range of events, products and services in one cohesive whole. Our previous group name Memralife has always been hidden away but Essential Christian is different – it’s clear, up-front and something to be proud of. Spring Harvest is an event.

Le Pas Opton offers holidays in France. Essential Event Management delivers production, tour management, and exhibition services, ticketing and more. Song Solutions provides copyright administration services.

Within the Essential Christian brand, we hope these and all our other activities will make sense and be easier to recognise. We are the same team and the same leadership. Our vision is to equip, transform and inspire.

We are Essential Christian.

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Did you know?

Every summer we welcome over 4000 guests to Le Pas Opton, our four-star holiday park in France

We handle publishing and administration of over 150,000 songs through Song Solutions

Essential Event Management offers ticketing, tour management, health & safety and technical provision through the year

Big Start Assemblies for Key Stage 1 and 2 have been successfully piloted across the South East

You can browse over 180,000 Christian books, CDs, DVDs, resources and gifts at our online store

We’ve recorded over 32,000 talks at Christian conferences over the last 30 years, adding over 700 every year

This autumn we’re taking Spring Harvest on the road again, after seven successful local events in 2016

Together with Care For The Family we’ll run a new women’s event in June 2017 called Free To Be

This November we’ll gather for The National Youth Ministry Weekend, in partnership with Youthscape