How is Spring Harvest 2021 going to work?

Those of you who have been to Spring Harvest before, or even seen snippets on film, may be beginning to wonder… is that how it’s going to look in 2021?! Good question and you probably have a million more.

Some of our team took a trip to Minehead and Skegness recently (maintaining distance on the way). We were blown away by the amazing Butlins team and what they have achieved in making their resorts clean and safe but still so much fun. They have 3300 people already enjoying their resorts together at one time and the experience is better than ever. It’s helping us to plan for a Spring Harvest event that delivers what it should, in a new way.

We are confident that your new Spring Harvest experience will be a great one – a holiday to remember for all the right reasons. We don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver, but we do want to give you some insight into how our early plans are taking shape, so you can book with confidence, knowing a little of our thinking.

There will still be content for all ages.

Big Start will return and will be extended a little, merged with the all-age celebration to give all ages a chance to worship, learn and laugh together.

Our groups will continue for those aged 0-4, 5-7, 8-11, 11-14 and 14-18.

They will be halved in size and the sessions will be repeated so that no one misses out. Some ages will have a little less time in their groups overall, but that will be compensated with more choice and freedom around other activities like swimming, the fairground and some new surprises.

We will still gather together, but safely.

We won’t be creating a large arena, but using existing and tented venues with fewer people in them. They will range from 50 to 800 depending on their spaced capacity. Instead of sitting in packed rows, we’ll be arranged in circles of chairs around tables. This means there is space between each group, but we’re not alone. Wheelchair users and others will easily be able to sit together. If you come on your own, we’ll help you find a small group at the beginning of the week if you would like that. Key sessions will be repeated and also live streamed into a different venue, as well as on to your chalet TV.

There will still be worship and teaching.

Music is part of our worship, and there will be sung worship, even if we have to sing in whispers, hum wearing masks, or only when we’re outside. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With distancing, we may well find it’s safe to sing our hearts out by then. There are a million different ways to worship and we’ll be exploring those too. We’ll still have a large number of incredible teachers in the room with us, but some speakers will join us on screen – which means we don’t have to rely on air travel, or special guests having to travel between the resorts. We’ll still be able to put questions to them and have their ‘live’ presence even if in two dimensions.

The holiday vibe will be increased – with a little forethought.

We will be partnering with Butlins in the use of an app that allows you to book in to each session you want to attend. No more queueing! You will also be able to order your coffee and any other drinks and food directly to your table in most venues. Sounding good? The schedule will be a little more relaxed, allowing for the cleaning of venues in-between sessions and more choice of the activities around the resort when they’re not as busy.

Closed site

At the moment, we can only promise to accommodate residential guests. We aren’t able to commit to opening the doors of the event to those who stay off-resort in caravans and other accommodation, or from home for day visitors or event passes. We really hope this can change nearer the time and we’ll keep you posted on that.

Volunteering is still the best way to do Spring Harvest

Our teams have a blast and we will still need stewards, technicians, admin and retail team, kids and youth team, prayer ministry volunteers and more. Check out the details via each resort on the website and get in touch as soon as possible for the best chance of securing a place on team. Many get free accommodation, all meals and a contribution to travel.

Things will undoubtedly continue to change as the year goes on, but we hope you will trust us to work with Butlins to plan a truly brilliant holiday where we all stay as healthy as possible and still get to worship, learn and laugh together as we explore why and how we worship our Unrivalled God.

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