News on Spring Harvest in the north

Dear Friends,

We are truly committed to making Spring Harvest accessible to as many people as possible, and we have a special heart to serve churches in the north where there may sometimes be fewer resources.

In recent years, we have had a great time at the excellent Harrogate Convention Centre. It is currently in use as a Nightingale Hospital with a contract extending to the end of March. With Spring Harvest due to start on the 6th of April, we have had to admit that it isn’t feasible to plan to run Spring Harvest there in 2021.

We’ve been working hard on finding solutions, but with all the challenges of a global pandemic, we are not confident there is a suitable venue ready to run a Covid-safe event so soon. With all the uncertainties at this time, our Essential Christian Board have decided that it would be a wiser use of precious resources (including funds so generously donated by so many of you) to rest this five-day event in 2021.

And so, it is time to rest, regroup and return, stronger than ever.

We are working collaboratively with leaders across the north to plan and dream for the future. We hope this will include some one-day pop-up events in churches in the north during the 2021 Easter break, and then a larger event gathering in 2022.

For those of you who still want to have the new Spring Harvest experience next year, we would encourage you to make the trip to Minehead or Skegness. It might add some journey time but we believe it will be so worthwhile. We feel fortunate to be able to continue our events at the Butlin's resorts, which are already open and expertly navigating all the new requirements with great success.

For those who won’t be able to make that journey for whatever reason, we’ll be delighted to make as much content as we can available online and will share details for that as plans develop.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, we know you will share our disappointment. We’re heartened to know that we face these challenges together and believe there will be fruitful years to come. We will be using the time as wisely as we can to listen, learn and discern what the next steps should be. At the same time, we’ll be figuring out how Spring Harvest can pop-up in a church near you at Easter so that we don’t have to wait too long to worship, learn and laugh together.

Every blessing,

Phil Loose, (CEO of Essential Christian) and the Spring Harvest Team

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