Essential Christian and Spring Harvest are passionate about equipping the local church. It is at the core of who we are and what we do.

Your gifts will be used across our ministries. These are examples of some particular things we would like to do more of.

We have an amazing opportunity to make Jesus accessible to children. Big Start Assemblies is a multi-media resource that makes collective worship the best part of the day, sharing Christian values and Bible stories all over the country. We would like to create more assembles and bring quality Christian content to Key Stage 2 assemblies.

We would love to make Spring Harvest easier to navigate for children and young people with additional needs and adults with accessibility requirements. We are getting better at this and the demand is growing. Technology, equipment and (most of all) people on our teams will enable those with special needs and accessibility requirements to experience all that Spring Harvest offers.

We would like to make Spring Harvest accessible to everyone, so far as we can. Because of the donations we received we were able to provide over £60,000 to enable lower income individuals and families to come to Spring Harvest, and we would like to do the same or more next year.

These are examples of what Essential Christian is doing and we are very grateful for your support.



We will give 10% of the offering you give to support a church in the Middle East.

Through reliable contacts we are in touch with a remarkable church, whose members have stayed during troubled times, saying

If all the believers leave, who will be Jesus to these lost and hurting souls in the street? 

They are totally committed to prayer.  Every day they gather to pray and their vision is to bring light to the darkness.

We want to support the church as they disciple and teach church members so that they can be better equipped to help others even more effectively.

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