We love worshiping all together. We start every morning with Big Start, a fun, interactive and creative session with dance, drama, music, art and a whole heap more! Big Start is the perfect way to kick off each day at the event. In the evening we also have an all-age celebration that everyone is welcome to join. Both of these times are the perfect way to worship whether you’re young or old, in a big family or alone, lively or quiet, energetic or tired. We’ll be worshipping, praying, getting interactive and exploring the Bible together.


Each main morning we explore the Bible, giving you the opportunity to get inspired about the importance and power of prayer, hearing solid biblical teaching about it from a passionate expert.

We start with worship and finish with a short time to reflect.



In the morning and afternoon of each day there are a choice of sessions that unpack the theme or explore a series of relevant and engaging topics.

Choose from apologetics, inspiration, reflection, workshops, and practical courses to help you transform your community and build God’s Kingdom.


Evening worship, preaching and response come in varying styles, to help you find the best way to connect with God. Gather with thousands in the main venue, worship in a smaller alternative meeting, join the informal all-age celebration, or find quiet space in the prayer room.

In the evening celebrations we’ll think about how Scripture inspires and teaches us to work together to bring glory to God – all denominations, generations and nations.


Whether your children are three months or 18 years old, there’s a programme specially designed with them in mind. These run at the same time as the adult morning sessions so you can relax, knowing that your children are learning and having fun. As well as the morning programme, you can join together as a family at the Big Start and All-age celebration. There is also an evening celebration for children aged eight and over.


There’s so much to offer – a full range comedy, music, theatre, dance, debate and discussion – you can complete your day relaxing with family, friends or simply come along on your own.

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