6 responses to the refugee crisis

6 practical ways to respond to the refugee crisis.


How helpless we can feel in the face of crisis and tragedy. We are reminded of the fragility of life, we understand the importance of love and mercy to sustain humanity. Yet however helpless we may feel, we are far from hopeless, knowing that the Father of creation weeps with us and inches us ever closer to his kingdom. How can we contribute to the ushering in of that place where there is no crying or death? We know many wonderful people and organisations who are taking action in this growing humanitarian crisis of people displacement. We’ve gathered some ideas to help us respond.


Pray – it is always the best thing to do first. Pray on your own, or gather with others. Find help from 24-7 Prayer here


Make rental properties you may have available to local councils to house refugees via Citizens UK. Find out more here


Consider becoming foster carers for unaccompanied minors, and find support via Home for Good


Make plans for welcoming and integrating refugees into church. The welcome box is good idea from the Cinnamon Network and you can get more support from Refugee Support Network


Give to those in need via the Open Doors emergency appeal


Use your voice to campaign – Tearfund also have an emergency fund and an advocacy letter you can send to your MP, available to download here


If you want something to share with others, you may want to use this short film from a member of our planning group, President of London School of Theology and founder of Home for Good, Krish Kandiah. You can watch and share it online from here or you can download it to share in your church or home group, here


I have felt challenged this week, that I must not allow my feeling of helplessness to be the final word of my response. We must do what we can. You may like to read a similar collection of advice direct from the EA


Loving and Almighty God, please comfort and protect each one that has felt their only option is to leave their home. Please strengthen and encourage those working to find solutions. Please open our hearts and minds to share our homes and belongings with those in need. May your kingdom come and your will be done, here and now, on earth as it is in heaven. Send your unassailable peace, by the power of the Saviour Jesus. Amen.


Image provided by Tearfund