Kids have an amazing time at Spring Harvest – there’s the incredible Butlins resort and the fantastic groups where they make friends, learn loads about God, pray together, study the Bible and take great leaps in their faith.
There are plenty of all-age activities and, for planned sessions, you can trust our experienced teams to take great care of your kids. In 2021 we are moving their venues and halving the size of their groups to mean a safer and more intimate experience. They will have slightly less time in their programmes overall, but all the same great content.
We’ll send you more information about registering them for their groups and session slots nearer the time.


You can leave your little one with our brilliant team for 90 minutes. There are three slots during the day and you will be able to select one of them. This means you can choose to prioritise the part of the programme you’d most like to see without them around, or choose the time of day when your cherub is most full of energy!


There will be one session of 90 minutes in the morning and one session of 60 minutes in the afternoon for this age group, giving them plenty of time for meaty content with a break in-between. They can expect games, songs, stories and a warm welcome that is sure to help them settle quickly.


There will be two sessions of 90 minutes each for this age group during the day (one morning and one afternoon or early evening). Worship, teaching, prayer and loads of fun as always for this bunch. Parents will be able to access the key elements of the programme whilst their kids are in sessions, and there’ll be loads to do together as a family.

Additional needs

If your child has an additional need (anything that may mean they need a little extra care and attention), please click below.


Children in adult venues

Accompanied babies and children are allowed into adult venues. However, we ask you to take other guests into consideration, and also the worship and talk recordings. Do sit where you can exit easily so that you can leave the session should your child become unsettled.

Please do follow the stewards instructions about where to leave buggies and to ensure you do not block fire exit routes or aisles.

We recommend that if you choose to bring young children into the main celebration, you should be aware of the location of loudspeakers, as younger ears could be affected by the volume if they get too close.

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