Spring Harvest comes together each year, through the dedication and commitment of many different people, from a number of organisations

  • Planning Group

    The Spring Harvest Planning Group have joint responsibility for the formulation of the theme and teaching material and spiritual oversight for Spring Harvest. They meet formally around eight times a year.

  • Board of Directors

    Members of the Board are the legal stewards of the charity Essential Christian (the parent organisation of Spring Harvest) and are responsible for the spiritual oversight and decision making regarding the future of the organisation.

  • Phil Loose

    Essential Christian CEO

  • Martin Young

    Martin is senior minister of Rising Brook Baptist Church in Stafford. The church’s emphasis on mission as social action has led to community projects being established, and ongoing cross-cultural mission overseas. Martin also supports Christians in the arts through leadership and teaching.

  • Debra Green

    Debra is the national director and founder of Redeeming our Communities (ROC) which aims to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships. She has twenty years of experience in bringing together organisations towards the goal of social transformation.

  • Wendy Grisham

    Wendy is the Relationship Manager for Spring Harvest. She spent most of her career in the Christian publishing industry, working for Hachette US, Hodder & Stoughton and Alpha International. She loves networking and connecting people and is particularly good at lunching.

  • Yemi Adedeji

    Yemi is passionate about working where the worlds of charity, ministry, business, social justice, media and mission collide. Director of the One People Commission, associate director for HOPE, global ambassador for Compassion UK and a worldwide strategic advisor. An Anglican priest, Pentecostal pastor, and proudly married to Simi with four beautiful girls.

  • Sim Dendy

    Sim is the senior leader of Freedom Church, Romsey. He loves the local church and is passionate about churches going to the next level, making a real difference in their communities. Sim is married to Lottie with four children.

  • Tania Bright

    Tarn is committed to community renewal through relationships, reform and innovation. With a FTSE100 background and 15 years' ministerial experience, she invests into high impact organisations such as Chapel Street, Love146 Europe and Hope Citadel Ltd. She is an adoptive mother of two terrific toddlers.

  • Lisa Holmes

    Lisa is lead minister at Skipton Baptist Church, part of the Spring Harvest Planning Group and a member of the EA Council. Her main passion is making the Bible come alive and be real to people. She is also involved in Fresh Streams (a Baptist leaders’ network) and in Scargill House (an interdenominational retreat centre).

  • Peter Martin

    Peter is the Executive Vice-Chair of Essential Christian which has a number of divisions including Spring Harvest and Elevation Resources. He has been involved in Christian music for over 20 years and is a worship leader in his local church.

  • Elaine Duncan

    Elaine is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society. Elaine’s passion is to help people know God better through engaging with the Bible. Originally from Cumbria, Elaine now lives and works in Scotland. She love being outdoors, usually walking her pal’s two dogs.

  • David Dorricott

    Married to Alison, David is Managing Director of a software company based on the Isle of Man. He brings his business skills and deep Christian commitment to the work of the Board of Directors. David and Alison spend much of their time on Friends and Heroes, a major project to produce a world-class animated Bible story series.

  • Paul Weston

    Paul is the leader of New Generation Church in south-east London and serves on the leadership team of Pioneer. Paul is passionate about the local church and has founded a new free school, Hope Community School, in Sidcup. He is a husband, dad and qualified chef.

  • Cris Rogers

    Cris took on the leadership of an Anglican church which had shrunk to seven people and is situated in one of the toughest estates in London. Cris and his family moved to Tower Hamlets with the desire of restarting the church.

  • Abby Guinness

    Abby spent many years as an actor and writer working in a wide variety of Christian and secular environments. Now, alongside a fantastic team, she is the Event Director for Spring Harvest.

  • Geoff Booker

    Geoff comes from a business background and held directorships with Christian publishing companies, copyright licensing and other Christian organisations. He has founded and is currently running Quicken Trust with his wife Geraldine, a charity transforming lives of orphans in rural Uganda.

  • Pete Broadbent

    Pete is the Bishop of Willesden, on the General Synod of the Church of England and chairs the board of Essential Christian. He relaxes by watching football and is a connoisseur of real ale.

  • Malcolm Duncan

    Malcolm is Theologian-in-Residence for Spring Harvest and Essential Christian as well as an author, lecturer, broadcaster, advocate and government advisor on issues of faith and cohesion. He is passionate about the local church.

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