Spring Harvest 2016: The Theme

Game Changers

God is the ultimate Game Changer. We want to create space to encounter him.

By that encounter, we are equipped to engage in our world and empower others to join in. We become a team of game changers in our society, transforming communities in the name of Jesus.
Our case study is Moses. The long-lasting impact he made for the kingdom of heaven started when he met with God at the burning bush. From that encounter he was emboldened to speak up and stand up for the freedom of his people. He was part of a team that made history together. They had to learn to tune in to the right voice, hear the Spirit over the crowd, and fight for the promised land. And, of course, they empowered the next generation because beyond their lifetime there were far greater things to come.

Let’s gather next year to acknowledge the noise of our culture and our busy lives and find space to encounter the living God afresh. We want to explore where the church stands in our society and what impact our encounters with God could have. Jesus is at work, constantly doing new things by the power of his Spirit. The exciting question is: do we want to join him? In every circle of our influence, his presence makes us game changers. Together, we can change the world.

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