Volunteer Stories

Whizz Kids

I first became a volunteer with SH when it was held in Ayr, so from 1988 onwards, my wife and I were asked to help with the Whizz Kids.

We had never worked with Kids before and I was extremely nervous about the whole thing.

I took my guitar along and got involved with leading the kids in worship and the following year I pulled a worship band together; I also had the opportunity to write and record songs for the kids each year the event was held in Ayr.

Since then, I have enjoyed leading kids in worship at various times both in the UK and in Africa, and it is just so thrilling to see young people connecting with God in this way.

I then started getting involved again with SH down in Minehead I think this was in 2012, I started working on the tech team but in 2014 I was asked if I would like to be the After-Hours coordinator.

This role has just been wonderful for me. I love connecting with people and encouraging them in their Faith etc, as I have met and worked with so may people involved in the music area of Ministry I have been so blown away by their encouragement and the friendships that have been built up.

Being a volunteer at SH has really helped me in my walk with the Lord, each year I know I will come away from the event built up and encouraged etc.

I have met and become friends with so many wonderful people.

Volunteering can be very tiring and challenging, but I wouldn’t change anything about it.


I have been Stewarding for many years at Minehead except one year while the site was being updated, when we went to Weymouth.

This was challenging as we were based at three different sites. My main role was driving a Minibus between sites mostly involving looking after speakers and returning them back to their base when they had finished.

It was at one of these meetings that I had a choice either to sat out in the cold or I go in. The theme was Dancing in Worship. Being honest this was a subject I would never have gone anywhere near. I went in to keep warm. During the meeting, a female began to dance and began to share how dancing had helped her cope with a difficult upbringing as I sat there my face began to swell up in tears, she highlighted so many issues in my own life that I had bottled up and never faced up to. It was a hard but wonderful lesson to learn.

As part of the Stewarding team, I have had other encounters. We often work in venues we would not normally go to, but as Stewards we get so blessed and I always look forward to going back the following year.

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