Over the next few months leading up to Spring Harvest 2019 we will be releasing a number of short one-minute videos under the hashtag #WhenYouPray.  We sent a list of questions on prayer, to our friends from all denominational backgrounds, in the hope of giving us a sneak preview into their private prayer life.  We hope these videos, will inspire, encourage and deepen your wish to engage with our Unlimited God in prayer.

Questions asked include ‘why pray?’, ‘what’s a prayer journal?’, ‘what is prophetic prayer?’, and deeper questions like ‘do you believe God answers your prayers?’/ #WhenYouPray looks into all of these questions and much more.

This all links in with our title and Unlimited theme for Spring Harvest 2019 which focuses on prayer.  Please do check out the #WhenYouPray videos which can be found across all of the Spring Harvest social media feed: Facebook, via Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Please share them with your social media friends to encourage their own prayer walks.