14 - 18 April

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The Students and Young Adult’s stream in 2019 is set to build on the 2018 call for us to be courageous disciples.

We will explore how prayer is central to our connection with God’s heart and our own. His thoughts and our thoughts exchanging. We talk, we listen – a two-way conversation.

We believe that God is doing a new thing in our lands and there is an increasing hunger for us to see the reality of God’s Kingdom amongst our twenty and thirtysomethings. God longs to raise up a generation of men and women who will dream big and live to see his Kingdom come. Are you in?

At the heart of the Gospels is a call to action, arising from our communion with Jesus: to be like Jesus in all His simplicity: to do the works of Jesus – “these things and greater you shall do”. Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine. Think about it. Whatever we can dream of, God can do infinitely more. We can tap in to the immeasurably more of God when we pray. The possibilities are unlimited #WhenYouPray!

Next Steps

We believe that the Students and Young Adult’s stream in 2019, with its focus on prayer, will help everyone take their next steps in prayer, enabling us to fulfil God’s purposes for us and those around us in this generation.

For some, this may mean hearing God’s voice for the first time in prayer. For others it may mean responding to God’s prompting to pray and share a word or a thought from God with a complete stranger. Perhaps your next step will be to see the Holy Spirit do a miracle and heal you or someone you know? The possibilities are unlimited!

Wherever you are in your relationship with God, we believe that “Unlimited: When you pray” will help you to take the next steps and that we will all, together, go to the next level in our understanding of how unlimited His resources are for us.


Tim Burr, Sam Duquemin and their team have designed a programme which is both challenging and deeply reassuring, showing us how to connect with God’s love and power through prayer to fulfil his purposes in the world.

We explore teaching on prayer as a way to connect with God, praying for each other, our families and communities and then we will take action to fulfil the great calling, beginning to make disciples.

This final step will take us out onto the streets, and out of our comfort zones, together into Harrogate to pray and exercise the gifts that God has given each of us.

This may involve you, accompanied by your peers and the Team prayer walking in the town, or praying for the sick, or sharing your faith – or all of these! All the time you will be listening out through prayer, for what God might be saying to you, for others and for the team.

So if you’re ready to build on last years’ call to be bold disciples, or are coming for the first time we look forward to meeting you for an exciting time of growth together!

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